Slight - iPhone 7

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The World’s Thinnest Case


  • Full protection

The Slight 7’s unique design protects all four sides of your iPhone 7 as well as its back for maximal protection.

  • Thinner than ever

With a thickness of only 0.35mm, the Slight 7 is the thinnest case available on the market. Barely visible, the Slight 7 is the go-to case if you don’t want to sacrifice the thinness and look of your iPhone 7.

  • Anti-scratch protection

Protecting all four sides of your iPhone 7, the Slight 7 is the perfect protection against scratches. Neither keys nor coins will scratch your iPhone any longer.

  • Minimalism

The Slight 7 was designed with the eye on discretion. Once on your iPhone 7, you won’t even feel the difference.

  • Camera lens protection

A new plastic ridge around the camera lens provides the camera of your iPhone with a perfect protection.

  • Comfort of use

Made of PP, the soft touch of the Slight 7 makes it the perfect case for a unique experience.