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The World’s Thinnest Case

About Us

Desmay Ltd. was founded in 2011.

Our core value has always been to offer iPhone owners extra protection to their beloved iPhones without adding any extra bulk to Apple’s piece of art.

Based in Hong Kong, Desmay cases are mainly designed in Paris, France.

Desmay prides itself in delivering exceptional user experience. We value our products through the satisfaction they procure to our customers.

The character of the company is defined by its constant evolution and innovation.

At Desmay, we are not satisfied with perfection. We are committed to superseding perfection. Day after day. Relentlessly.


In September 2011, Desmay released its first case: the Slight for iPhone 4. With a thickness of only 0.35mm, the Slight was a technological feat that has since then often been copied but never equalled in quality and precision. The Slight for iPhone 4 was an immediate hit with iPhone owners worldwide.

With the release of the Slight for iPhone 5, Desmay intended to establish itself as the leading thin-case company. The Slight was welcomed by reviewers and iPhone users alike with nothing but appraisal.

Surfing on the success of its Slight, Desmay released a new line of products for Apple’s flagship. The Glossy (0.40mm) with its smooth shine, the Frosted (0.40mm) with its frosty feel, and the Rubber (0.50mm) with its rubbery grip joined the Desmay catalogue in October 2012.

When Apple announced its intention to release a light version of its successful phone, namely the iPhone 5C, Desmay reinvented the Slight. A whole new assortment of colors, specifically designed for the little brother of the iPhone 5, joined the long line of Desmay cases. Matching the style and colors of the iPhone 5C, the Slight for iPhone 5C was spot on.

Now a well-established actor in the universe of iPhone case companies, Desmay announced the release of its third - and fourth - version of the Slight for the iPhone in September 2014. Like their predecessors, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus would be fitted by Desmay with the thinnest and lightest case in the world. In January 2016, after five years of relentless efforts, Tech Insider named the Slight among the six best cases “for people who hate cases”.

But not only would the iPhone 6 snuggly fit into the Slight; a new addition was made to the line of Desmay’s products for the iPhone. The Classy for iPhone 6 was designed for those who wanted to add something extra to the minimalism of Desmay. And so did the Classy.

Desmay welcomed the release of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus with a six-year strong experience. The latest version of the Slight came as no surprise. Thin and light as ever, the Slight for iPhone 7 and Slight for iPhone 7 Plus are the youngest representative of a long line of successful cases.