What to expect of the Slight for iPhone 8?

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What to expect of the Slight for iPhone 8?

One week. One week and the long awaited iPhone 8 will be unveiled. As usual, expectations are high. And how could it be any different? This year - 2017 - marks the iPhone’s tenth anniversary. For almost a year now, rumors about what the iPhone 8 will look like, its features, the technological evolution it will carry have gone wild. Most of those rumors have already “leaked” on the Internet over the past few weeks. And yet, we all wait the introduction of the iPhone 8 like children Santa Claus on a 24th of December.

Seven more days and seven more nights to wait, and Apple’s latest iPhone will be here. And, as has become a habit since 2011, with each new iPhone comes a new Slight by Desmay. And this year, like every year, Desmay is ready to protect your next iPhone.

Now, what’s to be expected of the iPhone 8 you might ask. Well, in this post we will discover together what Desmay has been working on for over six months now.


It will come as no surprise that the Slight 8’s main goal will be to protect your iPhone 8. The success of the previous iterations of the Slight has shown that the series offers the exact kind of protection our customers are looking for. Which is why the Slight 8 offers the same protective features as its predecessors: four-side protection as well as full back protection.

Ultra thin

Probably the best-known feature of the Slight series. With a thickness of only 0.35mm/0.014in, the Slight has been the thinnest case in the world for the last 7 years. This year again, the Slight 8 will be the thinnest case available on the market.

Anti scratch

The Slight is designed to protect your iPhone against drops and scratches. But, well, that’s pretty much a given. The Slight 8, besides protecting the new iPhone, was designed to protect itself as well. A special formula in the composition of the PP the Slight 8 is made of enables Desmay’s case to be scratch and fingerprints resistant.

Dual camera protection

The dual camera system will be one of the highlights of the iPhone 8. Enabling AR, Apple’s dual cameras need special care. And the protective lip of the Slight 8 will do just that. However, as opposed to the Slight 7, the protective lip on the Slight 8 had to be redesigned to prevent any hindrance of the AR capabilities of the iPhone 8.


The iPhone has been celebrated for its unique design ever since its debut in 2007. A piece of art such as Apple’s masterpiece needs protection. But the beauty of the iPhone should not be sacrificed to the benefit of protection only. This is why, at Desmay, we spent years designing the cases that best protect your iPhone while, at the same time, preserving its design.


Don’t you hate it when the controls of your iPhone are hardly reachable? Well, no such thing with the Slight 8. Desmay’s case has been thoroughly tested so as to ensure that everybody can manipulate the controls of his iPhone 8 as if there was no case at all on your phone.

Extreme Precision

At Desmay we have chosen not to mold your Slight in one go. Rather, we have chosen the lengthy way of molding the general shape of your case first. Each cut-out is then cut individually (see previous post Why is a Desmay case better than the other cases on the market?) to ensure absolute perfection. This enables us to guarantee that no cut-out on your Slight 8 will ever be misaligned.


Do you like the design of your iPhone? So do we. This is why we carefully designed the Slight 8 so that its shape would perfectly mimic the iPhone’s shape. Your friends probably won’t even realize there is a case on your new iPhone 8.

So, here it is: the Slight 8. Your iPhone 8’s newest companion through thick and thin. Designed with care to protect your iPhone’s integrity and design.

Tune in regularly on Desmay to avoid missing its release (Tip: I heard it’s coming soon).

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