The iPhone 8 - A Revolution?

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The iPhone 8 - A Revolution?

It is a secret for no one, Apple will unveil its new iPhone in September 2017. As has become a habit with Cupertino’s most famous brand, the release of its flagship will occur a month later (although rumors state that the release may be postponed).

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the most famous smartphone in the world, the iPhone 8 (iPhone X? iPhone Edition? iPhone Pro?) will be packed with state of the art technology. Or so authorities in the industry claim. Now, whether all of the rumors will indeed come to life on the iPhone 8 remains to be seen.

What we, at Desmay, know for certain is that this tenth anniversary iPhone will be amazing - a revolution some might even say ;-) And we are ready, as is the case (no pun intended) ever since the release of the iPhone 4, to protect your future iPhone in style.

The most obvious feature on the iPhone 8 will probably be its full-front display. Now, that is something we’re all looking forward to. Samsung and LG already gave us a glimpse of what a (near) bezel-less phone would look like with the S8 and G6 respectively.

Will the iPhone 8 go even further? Well, let’s put it this way, its design has kept our designers quite busy. A virtually bezel-less phone means the Slight has less surface area to grip the iPhone than its predecessor. But thinking outside the box enabled our designers to overcome the issue.

The rumored 18.5:9 aspect ratio will dramatically change the overall aspect of the iPhone 8 compared to its predecessors. This elongated aspect ratio allows Apple (and other manufacturers) to increase the display while keeping the phone narrow enough so it can still be used with one hand.

Is the Slight for iPhone 8 ready for the change? It goes without saying...

Now, let’s give a look at the back of the phone. The iPhone 7 Plus introduced the dual camera system on the iPhone. The iPhone 8, just like last year’s iPhone, will come with the dual camera system. However, the display of said cameras will be sensibly different on the new iPhone. As opposed to the iPhone 7 Plus’ horizontal display, the cameras on the iPhone 8 will be vertically aligned.

How will that affect the Slight for iPhone 8? Not too much to be honest. Of course, our designers had to pay extra care to prevent the protective lip on the Slight from hindering the AR capabilities of the iPhone or interfering with the flash. But that is nothing our designers couldn’t handle.

Last but not least, the controls. They will be where you expect them to be. Nothing has changed in that department since pretty much the first version of the iPhone (with exception to the power-button, that is). The volume and lock buttons will still be on the left side of the phone. The power-button, as is the case since the iPhone 7, will still be on the right side of the phone. Same goes for the charging port and loudspeakers; they will still be where you expect to find them.

To round it up, it will take nowadays iPhone users just a second to get used to the iPhone 8. Its most awaited features won’t impact the general design of Apple’s flagship, even though it will have a profound impact on the way you use your iPhone.

When it comes to the Slight, Desmay’s designers have taken into account the lack of bezel as well as the AR capabilities of the iPhone 8 to provide you with a new, entirely redesigned Slight that will protect and enrich your experience without damaging the iPhone’s design we all love so much.  

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