How to take advantage Desmay’s Reward Program?

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How to take advantage Desmay’s Reward Program?

Do you like coupons? Do you like getting free stuff? I do. I especially like those coupons that will get me the stuff I need for a cheaper price. And I love getting the stuff I was about to buy for free.

Now, I guess most people are like me. If that’s your case, and you like thin cases, you landed on the right page.

Desmay introduced its Reward Program in May 2017. What does it entail? How does it work? What exactly are those rewards you can get? This is what we will discover in the following paragraphs.


What is Desmay’s Reward Program?

Desmay’s Reward Program started in May 2017. The idea behind the program is to show our gratitude to our loyal customers. By signing up to our Reward Program, each of your actions on, on our Facebook page, on our Instagram or on our Twitter will grant you a specific amount of points (more on this below). In turn, those points gathered will get you coupons which you can use on your next Desmay case.


How to sign up to Desmay’s Reward Program?

Signing up is a matter of seconds.

You will find the floating Reward Program tab in the lower left corner of each page on Did you find it? Great! You’re only a few clicks away from joining our Reward Program.

Clicking the tab will guide you through the signup process. Simply create your own Store Account and… you’re ready to go.



If you already have a Store Account, you can log in via that same tab. A control panel will appear from which you can check your point balance as well as a summary of the rewards you can earn.



How do I earn points?

There are numerous ways to gather points on Desmay’s Reward Program as summed up in the chart below. Each action will get you closer to your reward!

Simply perform those actions and your points will automatically be added to your account.





Place an order

1 point per dollar spent

Celebrate a birthday

10 points

Follow us on Instagram

5 points

Share on Twitter

5 points

Share on Facebook

5 points


What rewards are there for me?

Ah, finally we get to the interesting part of this post. The rewards!

There are three rewards you can claim on Desmay’s Reward Program. Obviously, as is often the case, the more points you gather, the greater the reward. Check the chart below and discover the awesome rewards that await you.





$5 coupon


$10 coupon


$25 coupon



All right. You’re ready to start earning points on Don’t forget to claim your rewards!


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