How to protect your iPhone against scratches?

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How to protect your iPhone against scratches?

Don’t you hate it? You’re sipping a coffee (or anything else for that matter) on the patio of a bar, daydreaming, fumbling with your brand new iPhone when suddenly it jumps at your face: that dreaded scratch that has found a way to sneak onto the body of your beloved iPhone. I hate it.

Whatever you do, those scratches seem unavoidable. They creep in on your iPhone like sneaky little worms coming from nowhere only to deface your iPhone. Even the pocket of your jeans - devoid of any keys or coins - is no safe haven for your iPhone.

You frantically rub that scratch away, hoping it might only be some dirt. To no avail. The scratch just won’t disappear. And it will stay there until another scratch joins it. And another. And another.

Now, what can you do? Although your iPhone is covered by a one year warranty (which can be extended to up to two years with AppleCare+), this warranty is only very limited when it comes to accidental/handling damage. And does not usually cover cosmetic damage, even though you could get it replaced/repaired for a service fee of $100 (plus applicable taxes) with a bit - read a lot - of luck. A bit extreme for a few scratches if you ask me.

Of course, you will find tons of “remedies” that claim to “remove” scratches from your phone. Extending from baking soda to the magic marker and even using toothpaste, such remedies are plentiful on the Internet. But let’s face it, those remedies only work as well as your imagination is able to ignore these scratches.

At this point, all you can do is, well, cover up those ugly scars… or prevent those scratches from appearing in the first place. In either way, the solution is the same.

So, how to protect your iPhone from those dreaded scratches? Well, there is only one solution: protect your iPhone.

You can opt for one of the all-protective cases that will protect your phone against a 100-foot drop. But are you really going to drop your $650+ phone from such heights? Besides, such over-the-top protection comes at a cost: bulk. Why would you spend over half-a-thousand dollars for an ultra slim iPhone if, eventually, you end up making it look like a cellphone from the early 90’s?

There are more subtle and elegant alternatives ranging from the thin to the ultra thin. Even if you like your iPhone naked, there is a solution for you. With a thickness of only 0.35mm, the thinnest case in the world is the case-to-get. It offers the perfect combination between protection and elusiveness, keeping your iPhone safe from scratches and accidental drops while, at the same time, preserving your iPhone’s unique design.

For people who like their iPhone naked but fear scratches, ultra thin cases are the answer to their concern. Gone are the scratches. Gone is the extra bulk.

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