How protecting your iPhone will earn you money?

How protecting your iPhone will earn you money?

Why should I protect my iPhone? The question may sound dumb. Borderline stupid, some might even say. I can hear some of you smiling at the question: “Well, to avoid breaking it, you dumbo!” And you are right, of course: to avoid damaging your iPhone. But, that’s pretty much a given, isn’t it?

Get instant credit in storeWhat if there was another reason you should protect your iPhone? What if I told you, you could actually earn money by keeping your iPhone in pristine condition. Interesting much?

Most people, yours truly included, use protective cases to prevent scratches or, God forbid, worse to happen to their iPhones. After all, we spent hundreds of dollars acquiring a state-of-the-art piece of technology enshrined in a gorgeous body. Just like a brand new car, we want to preserve our phones from any damage. We “fear” scratches, let alone a bent. Now, unlike a car, you can actually protect the bodywork of your iPhone.

This is all well and good, but at some point, you’ll want to upgrade to a new iPhone. And here comes the part you have been waiting for. How will that case you bought to protect your phone earn you money?

In 2013, Apple introduced its home-made Trade-In program which allows you to... well, trade in your old iPhone (as well as some non-Apple smartphones) to lower the full cost of a new iPhone or reduce the monthly payments with your carrier (where applicable). And this is where the attention you brought to your iPhone will pay off.

Get instant credit in store

All you have to do is bring your old phone to the nearest Apple Store, have it assessed and get a reduction on your new iPhone (or on the monthly payments with your carrier). It’s as simple as that.

Now, as is the case with your old car, the condition in which you bring your iPhone back to the Apple Store will directly influence the discount you’ll get on your new iPhone (or on the monthly payments with your carrier). As such, trading-in a brand-new looking iPhone 5 could reduce the cost of your new iPhone to up to 55USD.

An iPhone 6S Plus could get you a discount of up to 260USD. That is, more than one-third the price of a new iPhone 7 Plus!

Get instant credit in store

If you ask me, that’s sufficient enough an argument to invest in a protective case.

For more information on Apple’s Trade-In program, visit

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