5 signs you need to get rid of your bulky case

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5 signs you need to get rid of your bulky case

Your iPhone needs protection. So much has long since been established. Scratches and dents seem to appear on the gorgeous body of our beloved iPhone as if from nowhere. You put your phone on your nightstand after a long day only to realize the next morning that sneaky scratch that materialized over the course of the night.

Now, there is protection for your phone. And there is uber-protection. The minimalist case, on the one hand, protecting your iPhone from scratches and everyday drops. And the inch-thick case, on the other hand, protecting your phone against drops from the top of the Empire State Building. The latter obviously seems to be the best option. But is it really?

We compiled five signs you should definitely get rid of your bulky case.

  • Your colleague hadn’t seen a Game Boy in ages...
  • …and he’s not going to see it now. For one simple reason. That brick on your desk is not a Game Boy, it’s your brand new iPhone!

  • Your friends wonder why you’re always carrying tennis balls in your pockets?
  • Wait, you never carry tennis balls. You don’t even play tennis! Can’t they tell tennis balls from an iPhone? How on Earth did they mistake one for the other? Uhm… well, truth be told, that bulge in your pants definitely looks like balls.

  • You need a pencil to reach the controls of your iPhone
  • Why did the designers at Apple have to design such small controls? I mean, how do you reach those controls with your big adult fingers with that half-inch thick case on your phone. Removing that case every time you need to lower the volume is a pain! Don’t you wish the controls were bigger and more easily accessible? Well, as a matter of fact, phones with big controls exist… But they don’t need any kind of protection whatsoever either. Or you can just drop that bulky case and go for a (way) thinner case.

  • Is there any roof left in town you haven’t had to drop your iPhone from?
  • Ah, Summertime! Time for barbecues. Time to enjoy a couple of beers with friends or relatives. But why is it you always end up on the roof of your friends’ house proving just how sturdy that case is? And so, week after week, the height of that roof steadily increases. Some day you’re going to reach the limit of that case… Crap, you just reached the limit…

  • I used to have a phone that big...
  • ...but that was in the 90’s. Since then engineers have been working hard on that concept called miniaturization. The engineers and designers in Cupertino are masters in that department. They spent years working on that device you hold so dearly. Many a white hair they’ve earned trying to remove that extra hundredth of an inch. The result is a globally acclaimed piece of technology. Beautiful. Sleek. Elegant.

    And yet, you give up on the iPhone’s greatest feature for the sake of over-the-top protection… which, let’s face it, you don’t need, really. Dropping your phone from the top of a building? Having your phone driven on by a car? When was the last time that happened to anyone you know?

  • Ladies keep complimenting you
  • Hold on! Perhaps you should keep that bulky case, after all. Although, your wife doesn’t seem to appreciate that sudden increase in popularity. Oh, my, those laser-eyes on your wife’s face... New case! New case! Now! Shit, can’t get that damn iPhone out of your pocket. It really is too bulky. Ah, finally got it. Quick: unlock - Safari - www.desmay.com.

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